Sunday, June 29, 2008

Island of the Great White Shark premieres at Aquarium of the Pacific

On 02/13/08, RTSea wrote: Island of the Great White Shark - the latest documentary from RTSea Productions had a series of exclusive premiere screenings at the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach, CA. The audience response was very enthusiastic and during the Q&A that followed the screening, it was clear that the audience now saw the sharks in a different light and were concerned about conserving and protecting these amazing animals.

A screening is scheduled for May 5th at the New England Aquarium and more screenings at leading aquariums are being arranged. Stay tuned - DVD availability is in the works.

"I think you have created a remarkable film." - Dr. Jerry Schubel, President/CEO, Aquarium of the Pacific
"Beautiful videography, good graphics and information." - Dr. Bob Hueter, Director, Mote Marine Shark Research
"We absolutely loved the film." - Liz and Kevin Sullivan, Pacific Explorers Dive Club

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Anonymous said...

Hi Richard,

I wanted to thank you for the invitation to the Island of the Great White Shark premiere. Your film was fantastic and I am absolutely envious of your experiences filming these beautiful animals in such excellent water quality. You did a great job bringing in the science, conservation and a bit of humor to portray these animals in their best light. Lets hope the film reaches the broad market so the public will realize that the sharks are not the villans, they are the victims.

David McGuire