Sunday, June 29, 2008

Energy alternatives require a restructuring of priorities

On 06/07/08, RTSea wrote: In the June 9th issue of TIME magazine there is a great article, “We Need a Power Surge”, about the need to focus some of the same energy and commitment we harnessed to put a man on the moon and direct it towards the issue of alternative energy. As the author, Jeffrey Sachs, says, we citizens and consumers can all do our part but changing to fluorescent light bulbs and driving less won’t do it all. Government needs to show true leadership and initiative.

Priorities are askew – supporting short-term goals and status quo business models. As an example, according to the International Energy Agency, in 2006 the U.S. spent $3.2 billion for all energy research – including nuclear, wind, coal, solar and biofuels. The Pentagon spends that much in about 40 hours.

We need to make changes in our daily lives and we need to exercise our ability to influence our leaders to move this nation, citizens, government, and business, in the right direction. Act by example, vote by choice, influence by action.

Upcoming screenings of Island of the Great White Shark:
June 18th – National Aquarium, Baltimore, MD w/Richard Theiss
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