Sunday, June 29, 2008

Mexican government questions eco-tourism at Isla Guadalupe . . . again

On 05/20/08, RTSea wrote: The government agency in Mexico that regulates the issuing of permits to eco-tourism operators is debating the entire issue of allowing any boats at Isla Guadalupe for this fall. Their concerns are based on allegations of questionable behavior on the part of the shark diving boats and potential negative impact on the sharks, the resident pinnipeds, and the island as a whole. These are all important issues worth considering, however the allegations made against the eco-tourism boats are pretty far-fetched and outrageous.

You can read the latest government position and eco-tourism response at

If any operators were behaving in a manner that demonstrably affected the health and well-being of Isla Guadalupe's white shark population, I would be the first to recommend denying that operator the necessary permit. But, unfortunately, there is a political and personality clash component going on here in the background and that could result in ALL boats being banned and, despite any assurances from the Mexican government, the great white sharks would be at risk, having lost the best available ongoing protectors and watchdogs - the eco-tourism boats themselves.

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