Sunday, June 29, 2008

New England Aquarium hosts Island of the Great White Shark screening

On 05/07/08, RTSea wrote: Richard Theiss just returned from Boston, MA where a successful screening of "Island of the Great White Shark" was held at the New England Aquarium. Accompanying him was Mauricio Hoyos, the shark researcher featured in the film. Both Mauricio and Richard were interviewed on 5/05/08 by WGBH (Nova) for the Greater Boston series, hosted by Emily Rooney.

The New England Aquarium was a most generous host and has a wonderful staff of committed marine conservationists (my thanks to Vickie Cataldo, Dr. John Mandelman, Dr. Greg Stone, and Tony LaCasse). And the people of Boston have a great fascination and interest in sharks, in no small part due to the fact that Boston was the home of the late Peter Benchley who became quite a shark advocate in the years following the success of "Jaws." Peter's original writings reflected the attitudes of the times and as his popularity put him in the limelight and in continual contact with developing science, he came to be a very prolific writer on behalf of sharks.

This is what new research findings and media presentations like "Island of the Great White Shark" hope to accomplish - to sway public opinion in favor of realizing the important role these animals (indeed, many marine animals) play in maintaining a healthy ocean, and the need to protect them. We all grew up a little afraid of sharks, but now fear must give way to appreciation and respect.

The event was sponsored by the Aquarium's Lowell Lecture Series.


Jives said...

Thanks for coming!

We really appreciate you coming and contributing to the lecture series!

I work at the Aquarium in the communications department... and I'm adding you to my blogroll.

Richard Theiss/RTSea said...


It was my pleasure!

I hope your readers enjoy this blog and, of course, visit the New England Aquarium when in Boston and your web site (