Sunday, June 29, 2008

RTSea concludes white shark filming at Isla Guadalupe for documentary

On 09/08/07 RTSea wrote: Just returned from filming great white sharks at Isla Guadalupe. This is the early stage of their annual migration back to the island. Typically at the start of the season there are more male sharks and this trip proved that assumption. I filmed a number of males - some returning residents and some appear to be new to the island. That is encouraging, to see new residents.

But the sharks at Isla Guadalupe are still very much at risk. Scientific researchers and concerned eco-tourism operations are doing their best to act as a sort of unofficial "posse" but they need help and assistance.
To learn more about what you can do, log on to the Isla Guadalupe Conservation Fund, read about what is being done to protect these magnificent animals, and then make a tax-deductible donation.

This week is white shark footage should be available on my web site by 09/16/07. Just type in "New" in the search window on the Media Library page.

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