Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Betting On Sharks: barbarians at the gate

Here is a posting from my good friends at SharkDivers regarding the Oak Bluff's Monster Shark Tournament at Martha's Vineyard. A disturbing video produced by the Humane Society shows some of the activities going on behind the scenes of this event. Okay, during the heyday of "Jaws" this event may have been tolerated, but one would hope today's public climate would be more enlightened. Come on, Massachusetts, you can do better than this.

Betting on sharks-Barbarians at the gate

We're not sure what is more repugnant a pastime. Shark finning or illegal betting on dead shark "weigh ins" like a recent expose at the Martha's Vinyard Monster Shark Tournament.

One thing we are sure about. Media is a powerful tool. With the advent of You Tube you can get your message across to millions. As far as shark conservation goes the next time you see an online save-the-sharks petition...shut down your computer and go pick up a camcorder:

Kudo's to the Humane Society for this kind of direct action.

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