Monday, September 22, 2008

Turtles and TED: Oceana pushes for broader regulations

Know about TED? No, I'm not talking about the think tank, Technology, Entertainment, Design, That's a group worth a visit but I'm referring to "Turtle Excluder Device" - it's an escape hatch for sea turtles caught in trawling nets. TEDs are required for all trawling fisheries in U.S. waters looking for shrimp. But that doesn't protect all of the turtles, and all six species found in U.S. waters are listed as endangered.

Once again, is on the case and is pushing for government action to extend the TED requirements to all trawling fisheries, not just shrimp. Life is tough enough on sea turtles from poaching and decimation of their nesting grounds through pollution and building development. Case in point:
"July 28 marked the 30th anniversary of the loggerhead sea turtle's addition to the Endangered Species Act. But not only have loggerhead populations failed to recover in the last three decades, they continue to decline. Disturbingly, loggerhead nesting in Florida has declined by 50 percent during the past 10 years." - Elizabeth Griffin,

Losing more sea turtles as injured or killed by-catch when there is an effective solution that will not have a major impact on the fisheries bottom line - well, that's just tragic. Check out how you can send a message to our government officials.

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