Friday, September 5, 2008

This is Nuts: Shock value that misses the mark

The following post is from my friend, Patric Douglas, at (here's his blog). This is nuts. . .

Shark protestor hangs own skin on hooks-Tasteless

And THIS will save sharks?

No-it will not.

As the months grind on for the seemingly rudderless Sea Shepherd organization they continue to resort to more frantic, ill timed, ill advised "stunts" to raise awareness and ultimately collect money from donors.

The litany of outright fabricated news and bad eco theatre goes back a few years but the desperation in this latest stunt set in London is sadly almost palatable. This is an organization whose messaging has become more important than affecting actual change.

Darwin was right and Sea Shepherd is proving, in a most spectacular manner, that evolution is a fickle mistress. What you are seeing here is the death throes of an Eco Dinosaur who's time on this planet is coming to an inglorious end. Like the reign of the dinosaurs Sea Shepherds demise will be slow and sad to watch, but the first coughs, staggers and sputters are here.

Suffice to say the final days will not be pretty.

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