Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Breaking News: Swiss goldfish saved from the flush!

Here's some news from Switzerland - encouraging, but it also struck me as oddly amusing: Now, if you tire of your pet goldfish, you can no longer flush it down the toilet . . . unless it is dead. (Well, who is going to kill their pet goldfish, once they tire of the little fella?)

Seems the Swiss have other strict laws regarding small animals:
  • If you wish to own a hamster, llama, or sheep, it must be in visual contact with its own kind. In other words, buy at least two.
  • Recreational fishing is also prohibited - no catch-and-release, no live bait.
  • And there are compulsory classes if you want to own a puppy.
All commendable examples of humane animal legislation. It's just when you spend so much time focused on the big issues, the small ones can seem quaint. But every little bit helps.


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