Friday, July 11, 2008

Island of the Great White Shark makes it to Harvard

There will be a screening of Island of the Great White Shark on July 17th at the Harvard Museum of Natural History (my parents would have been so proud). All kidding aside, I am very honored that the museum chose to have this event - this was not a solicitation on my part, they approached me.

I'd like to think that it's because the documentary resonates with people other than die hard shark lovers. Hopefully the realistic portrait of white sharks, the ongoing research, and the conservation message presented in the film will reach as many people as possible, especially those people who are convinced that great white sharks are the Darth Vader of all sharks.

I will not be in attendance at the screening, but Dr. John Mandelman, resident shark expert from the New England Aquarium, is scheduled to be there for follow up questions and discussion about shark issues. Things couldn't be in better hands. So, if you're in the Boston/Cambridge, MA area next Thursday, check it out.

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Shark Diver said...

The movie get's an MBA!