Monday, July 7, 2008 - taking a proactive approach

As I have had the fortunate opportunity to meet with dedicated marine researchers in the making of Island of the Great White Shark and have been welcomed by aquariums nationwide for screenings and lectures about white sharks and the need for shark conservation, I have come to notice two deficiencies in current environmental/conservation communication methods: first, a lack of scientific information - translated into laymens' language - being presented to the general public and secondly, a reliance on digital communication (web, et al) which caters to the already curious but does not necessarily bring the issues to the passive reader, which constitutes the vast majority. is an organization that appears to be taking on those issues. This is a non-profit that, while using the usual digital tools (web site, email newsletters, et al), is making a concerted effort to get important research information to decision-makers while also utilizing "social marketing" techniques to reach a broader audience - an audience consisting of people who may not yet have embraced ocean issues or even given them any thought at all.

As readers of this blog, already interested in conservation issues, this is a group worth investigating and encouraging your uncommitted friends - you know who they are - to take the time and check them out.

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