Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Rare Australian sea turtle under siege

As many of you know, sea turtles of all species are threatened worldwide - due to hunting, poaching, and encroachment on their egg-laying habitats. According to the Sea Turtle Restoration Project (and its affiliate organization, PRETOMA, in Costa Rica), the rare Australian flatback turtle's nesting areas located on the Northwest coast of Western Australia are under siege from potential exploration and drilling for liquid natural gas (LNG) (Read article from Australia's Wilderness Society).

Given the rising demand for energy resources, this is a tough call. Western Australia is a fairly remote and rustic area, not heavily populated. Hopefully, the Australian people won't think the area or its inhabitants are expendable because of its remoteness. The Sea Turtle Restoration Project and the Wilderness Society are calling upon people worldwide to let the Australian government know that their efforts will not go unnoticed (click here). Let's hope that a solution can be found that might be workable for all parties, including the flatback turtle.

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