Monday, July 28, 2008

Spanish frigate needed to protect Bluefin Tuna

Here's some news and a word to the wise: swim quickly and carry a big stick (like a Spanish frigate!).

Sharks aren't the only fish in peril from the demands of a growing Asian marketplace. According to an article from the Agencie French Presse, posted by, populations of Bluefin Tuna in the Mediterranean are being decimated by European fishing fleets to meet the Japanese demand for tuna (sushi). Though quotas and moratoriums are in place, the lure of the almighty dollar is too great. But apparently Spain has had enough and set out a hi-tech frigate to patrol the Mediterranean with the intent of observing and catching any suspicious vessel that may be in violation of regulations established by the European Union.

There are arguments from French and Italian fishing boats regarding
restrictive limits on catches. But the bottom line is that the numbers of Bluefin Tuna have been decreasing drastically over the years - and an increasing demand from Japan doesn't help. Putting short term profit over long term sustainability is a recipe for disaster - and apparently a way to find the Spanish navy hot on your tail!

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