Monday, June 22, 2009

Shark Divers: announces new great white shark location for film and television

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Patric Douglas, Shark Divers

Shark Divers Announces New Great White Shark Location for Film and Television*

San Diego, Calif. -- Shark Divers CEO Patric Douglas will unveil the
world’s newest white shark aggregation site exclusively for film and television productions on July 4th , 2009. “This new white shark site is a game changer,” says Douglas. “I have not seen anything as pristine, accessible, and ready made for television productions since the discovery of Mexico’s Isla Guadalupe in 2001”

A limited number of production companies will be introduced to the site in 2010 (January through April), in order to maintain the location's pristine, untamed nature, as well as for the benefit of the white sharks. Typically, divers are encountering up to 10 animals a day in 100 foot visibility. The site enjoys deep conservation and research storylines."You only discover new sites like this once every 10 years," says Douglas. "Expect to be blown away.”

“As a production company looking for the next great shark show concept, you need a professional, shark-centric company to assist with the development of your ideas," says Douglas. “This is what we do: pro-shark productions with an emphasis on shark research." For the past 8 years Shark Divers' parent company, Shark Diver, has been innovating and supporting Mexican lead shark research at Isla Guadalupe, Mexico with U.C Davis and CICIMAR.

About Shark Divers

As a film, television and tourism spin-off of the commercial shark
diving company, Shark Diver, Shark Divers provides access to unique shark sites worldwide in a cost-effective environment with an eye towards shark production values that go light years beyond "the man on the sand with the bait crate." Shark Divers' experienced crews not only know sharks, but also have extensive experience in film, television, current research and current trends in shark productions. Shark Divers' crews are a unique group of shark researchers and underwater-film experts who can show your production company shark sites and storylines that capture the public’s imagination. For more information, visit the Shark Divers website at or contact Patric Douglas at .

Shark Divers | “Changing the way the public sees white sharks…forever”

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