Thursday, June 18, 2009

Discovery's Shark Week: open for questions

One of the nice things about attending film industry conferences is the opportunity to have frank conversations with key individuals. At the recent BLUE Ocean Film Festival, I had the opportunity to spend time chewing the fat with Paul Gasek, EVP and Chief Science Editor for Discovery Channel Communications within both quasi-business and casual surroundings. Over the next few weeks, as Discovery Channel's Shark Week approaches (scheduled for early August), I'm sure I'll put up several posts about it.

In the meantime, check out David Schiffman's blog: Why Sharks Matter/Southern Fried Science. He saw my posts about the BLUE Ocean Film Festival and chose to attend. David introduced himself to me at the shark conservation discussion panel I moderated/participated in and he was introducing himself to many of the ocean conservation dignitaries (frankly, the young man seemed to be in hog heaven).

David spoke with Paul Gasek and arranged to have an online interview. You can submit questions for Paul regarding shark programming and David will edit it down to ten. Should be interesting.

You can view David's blog post requesting questions here.

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