Sunday, June 7, 2009

Reminders: World Oceans Day (June 8) & BLUE Ocean Fim Fest (June 10-14)

Just a couple of quick reminders: tomorrow - June 8th - will be World Oceans Day 2009, sponsored by the Earth Project. There will be many events taking place to support this international recognition of the oceans, so check out their web site to learn more . . . and at the very least, wear blue that day!

And if an entire day committed to the oceans makes you develop a strong thirst, Shark Trust Wines will not only quench it with quality varietals but will also donate 30% of your online purchase to the Earth Project. Following World Oceans Day, Shark Trust Wines will continue its mission of donating 10% of sales to organizations involved in shark conservation and research. In the conservation field, that's business done right!

Then mid-week starts the BLUE Ocean Film Festival in historic Savannah, GA. This event is far and above the usual ocean film fare, with exclusive film showings and sneaks from Disneynature, Nat Geo, and important films coming out like A Sea Change (ocean acidification) and The Cove (Japan's dolphin slaughter). In addition, there will be distinguished leaders in ocean conservation there and numerous conservation seminars and discussion panels (I'm moderating one on shark conservation), so there will be plenty to see and do for the curious and the committed. Check out the full slate of events at the BLUE Ocean Film Festival web site.

So put on some blue, pour a glass of red, and take in some good ocean films and discussion.

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