Sunday, August 1, 2010

Shark Week 2010: how to balance against one particular perspective

It's Sunday and so begins Discovery Network's annual week-long programming of shark "documentaries" - Shark Week 2010. This event has been a ratings success (translating into advertising dollars) but exasperated shark advocates have reviled the network's reliance on over-sensationalism and distortion of the facts.

The programming usually consists of one large budget new program, several new smaller budget programs, and then the rest of the programming slate is filled out with selections from the network's vast library of shark programs they have amassed over the past 20+ years. This week's promotional spots for Shark Week seemed sharp-witted and exciting, so let's see what the new program lineup looks like:
  • Ultimate Air Jaws - leaping South African white sharks seen in super-slow motion. Hmmm, could be interesting.
  • Into the Shark Bite - Hmmm.
  • Shark Attack Survival Guide - Hmmm.
  • Day of the Shark 3 - HmmmMMmmm.
  • Shark Bite Beach - HmmmMMMmmmhhhmmm.
  • Shark Bites; Adventures in Shark Week with Craig Ferguson - Hmmm. Well, at least he's funny.
So, is there a counterbalance to Shark Week that helps to put things in some sort of reasonable perspective? Sure, in the form of blogs, shark conservation groups, and videos. Here's just a few, in no particular order or preference (and my apologies to any that I left out):

Shark Conservation Groups:
There are so many (perhaps too many, as it leaves the movement highly fragmented), so in no particular order or preference. . .
So, if you or your neighbors wonder out loud this week as to what all the fuss is about with sharks (Are they malevolent monsters out to get us? Or are they hapless victims of ruthless hunters and bad public relations?), check out some of the items listed above. When it comes to sharks, the truth is definitely more interesting than fiction.


technologiez said...

Looks like some excellent footage AND content. Looking forward to Shark Week 2010!

Anonymous said...

Is it just me or are the slacking on Shark Week this year? They started off strong on monday playing specials all day long. Since then they have been just doing normal programing all day(don't wanna see American Choppers unless they are feeding Mikey to sharks). Shark Week used to be badass where they would play the shows from the night before during the day now they just give us 2 hours a night for these lovely beasts. Come on Discovery buck up and renew my faith in Shark Week it's been more like James Lipton presents Shark Hour.