Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Sea Voices: putting a human face to ocean conservation

Working towards a sea change. That is the tag line for a charming new book titled Sea Voices that compiles interviews with a a wide range of people involved in ocean conservation. From scientists and policy makers to filmmakers, celebrities, and musicians - whoever has a dedication to the protection of our aquatic resources, many of them appear in this coffee table-sized volume with personable interviews that explain their interests and what they are doing on behalf of the oceans.

Making that human connection is the foundation behind Sea Voices. As the authors note, "The purpose of this book is to unite people all around the world for one common cause, the health of our Global Ocean, a responsibility that we all share." I had the opportunity to meet and spend some time talking about the oceans with authors Duffy and Elizabeth Healey. Their enthusiasm and dedication to this approach, to bring the issues of ocean conservation to a general audience through the many names and faces who are championing the cause, was obvious the moment I met them.

From scientists and explorers like Dr. Bob Ballard and Lt. Don Walsh, to actors and celebrities like Ted Danson and Kate Walsh, to musicians like Jack Johnson and Jason Mraz - over 130 in all appear in Sea Voices because all have a stake in the game just like the rest of us.

Sea Voices. This is a delightful, informative, and fun read - a great way to get someone energized and involved but who is reticent about detailed, arcane tomes on dire conservation issues. The book just came out and will be available in bookstores soon or you can order online at the book's website.

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