Friday, August 27, 2010

BLUE Ocean Festival: the importance of communing with your peers

So many films, discussion groups, and networking opportunities. Every time I attend one of these events, I come away recharged with new motivation, opportunities, friends, and just the renewed energy of knowing that what you are dedicating yourself to is worthwhile and supported by others.

Here is a link to a photo taken by Amy Schwab (one of the participants in my UW Video Workshop) of me with Stefanie Brendl, noted shark advocate who was instrumental in pushing through the recent Hawaiian anti-fin legislation, and Chris Palmer, one of the great producers of nature documentaries and a terrific speaker, motivator, and inspiration.

So many great people, swapping stories, and getting energized about the future and how to wrestle with all its challenges. If you are a dedicated conservationist, coming to these types of events reminds you that you are committed - that you don't need to be committed. You are not alone; you are among friends.

I must remember to use my iPhone - it does take pictures, doesn't it?

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