Saturday, October 31, 2009

Mother Nature Network: a change of pace in conservation news

Do you find yourself getting a little overwhelmed with the weighty subjects and seriousness on many of the conservation sites (this one too sometimes, although I try to keep it in check)? Well, here's an interesting change of pace. . .

My friend Charlotte Vick, communications director for Dr. Sylvia Earle's Deep Search Foundation, brought a web site to my attention: the Mother Nature Network. This site is a patchwork ranging from current conservation news issues to environmental, organic, and green fluff. Want an organic pumpkin pie recipe mixed in with your latest briefing on Washington DC energy policy? Then this just might be the place for you.

Of note is Mother Nature network's Earth Matters department which not only contains the primary big issues but also includes a section titled "Translating Uncle Sam." Here you will find many hot button issues and topics spelled out in layman language, devoid of the heavy jargon you sometimes find in detailed press releases; a good way to get a quick grasp on an issue or provide you with some simpler talking points when discussing the issue with others less well-versed as yourself.

Content contributors run the gamut from The Nature Conservancy to professional bloggers to student contributors; so there's something for everyone here. I am new to the site so I will be checking it out carefully; I noticed some of its sponsors are major energy, technology, and pharmaceutical corporations, so I will be watching for potential bias - let's hope not. Check it out.

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