Monday, October 19, 2009

Blue Ocean Institute: Founder nominated for award; sustainable seafood guide

Hello, readers. Took a few days off to film along the eastern Sierra Nevada mountains in California. Beautiful time of year and I will have a few clips available shortly.

In the meantime, I received word that Carl Safina, note scientist, ocean conservationist, and author has been nominated for the prestigious Indianapolis Prize, a well-regarded reward for animal conservation. I met Carl in June at the BLUE Ocean Film Festival and found him to be both very dedicated and accessible. Carl, along with Mercedes Lee, founded the Blue Ocean Institute, a non-profit organization dedicated to ocean awareness through not only the dissemination of science, but through art and literature - mediums that can connect with the imagination and creative energies of the general populace, from children to adults.

The Blue Ocean Institute has a very readable "sustainable seafood" chart that you can download and carry with you when you travel to the market or restaurant. What makes it noteworthy is that it provides information as to why a particular seafood item is a good or bad choice - not just a simply color threat-level indicator. You can download it at the web site or click here.

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