Monday, July 27, 2009

Island of the Great White Shark: an alternative to this week's shark hype

This week there will be a lot of attention in the television media placed on Discovery Channel's Shark Week - an annual event that brings in some 30 million viewers. A lot of attention is placed on shark-human interactions (aka: shark attacks) which, for good or for bad, has a lot of audience appeal.

So, let me throw out a piece of "alternative programming" in the form of a shameless plug: Island of the Great White Shark. This documentary, which RTSea filmed and produced and was released at the end of 2007, is the first comprehensive look at the great white sharks of Isla Guadalupe, Baja. It delivers an accurate portrayal of these powerful but cautious predators and also details the working relationship between shark eco-tourism operators and dedicated shark researchers.

The film also presents the important issues of conservation - not only at Isla Guadalupe where the shark diving boats act as watchguards over the white sharks that migrate there in the fall months, but the need for conservation of all sharks worldwide.

I find myself coming back to Isla Guadalupe on assignment year after year and I am honored to have additional white shark footage on Google Earth (zoom in on the northeast side of the island). Although sharks are not the only film subject I have worked with, they do seem to hold a special interest with viewers and conservationists as well.

So, for those who would like some facts mixed in with their sensational shark coffee this week, check out Island of the Great White Shark.

See more at RTSea's YouTube channel: RTSeaTV.

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