Thursday, March 26, 2009

Lifestyle Magazine: UK magazine promotes sharks and shark documentary

It's always nice when sharks and shark conservation issues get some positive media attention. I was fortunate enough to contribute to an article on sharks for the UK-based Lifestyle Magazine, an online publication from CBL Media.

The magazine is an eclectic collection of timely and trendy topics for the more upscale individual. What makes it an interesting choice for discussing sharks, shark finning, et al, is that their readership represents people who might very well find themselves in situations where a choice could be made between shark fin soup or shark meat and some other alternative.

While preaching to the choir of conservationists is all well and good - keeping up morale, exchanging news, data, and ideas; it's also important to try to reach those who are in need of some enlightenment.

Many thanks to Lifestyle Magazine for bringing an important conservation issue to their readers' attention and for promoting my documentary, Island of the Great White Shark.

Click here to read magazine (shark article on pages 8-9).

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