Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Last Minute Shopping: gifts that make a statement

One week left in the 2008 holiday shopping season and while many of us are scaling back this year, let me make one last crass plug (I promise!) at some last minute gift ideas for you or your friend's stockings:

A small contribution to the any of the conservation groups/NGO's and aquariums I have mentioned in this blog would be appreciated. We have all been hard hit by the downturn in the economy and non-profit groups are no exception. We provide the vocal support to causes but they do all the real legwork. Just thumb through past postings to get some ideas.

Working on converting someone to becoming a shark advocate and need a little "lubrication" to close the deal? Try any one of the fine wines from Shark Trust Wines. This is a great company with both, a great product and message: a portion of its revenue is donated to shark research organizations. One great example of how business can support conservation.

And while you're enlightening your friends to shark conservation, give them a different perspective on the most misunderstood of all sharks, the great white shark, with a DVD of Island of the Great White Shark - available at several leading aquariums and retail outlets in addition to This award-winning documentary has received accolades from marine conservation organizations for its accurate portrayal of these magnificent predators while educating the viewer to the ongoing research taking place and the threats that these animals are facing.

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