Monday, December 22, 2008

Best Wishes from the RTSea Blog

Whatever your personal beliefs, may you all have a joyous holiday season spent with family and friends. Let's hope that in 2009 and for many years to come, mankind focuses its attention on the importance of the planet's natural resources.

Richard Theiss/RTSea Productions


NHB said...

Cute image! Wonder how many people know how many sharks are slaughtered yearly just for their fins...Four times more than previously thought...that means tens of millions!!!

RTSea said...
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RTSea said...

Thanks NHB.

The number of sharks taken each year ranges from a conservative 40 million to as high as 120 million - the discrepancy being due largely to unreported illegal or unregulated catches.

Here's a link to an article on the subject:

Hopefully, the new year will show some progress. Let's keep at it!