Wednesday, October 8, 2008

WildAid joins with major Chinese portal: educating the consumer on conservation

One of the approaches in promoting shark conservation is to speak to the market demand - primarily the Asian markets that have placed a high premium on shark products (along with other endangerd species such as tigers). What is needed is a re-education that can alter cultural habits and the internet has shown its ability to do that on other issues in other countries.

WildAid recently completed a joint agreement with Tencent, China's leading internet service portal, to promote wildlife conservation and environmental protection. Part of this agreement will be the launching of a new Chinese web site, supported by WildAid and tentatively named (it's not online yet).

"At least 27,000 species are made extinct each year, many before science has been able to document or name them, that is 74 each day and 3 every hours" said WildAid's President, Steve Trent. Continuing, "many of these species like tiger or shark have few if any natural predators – except human beings, and with the advancement of technologies and growing demand for luxuries we have become super-predators making unsustainable demands on our planet and its wildlife, such that we are now undermining the natural life-support systems which we all ultimately depend upon for survival. And this is why the engagement of leading companies like Tencent is so important, as they can help reduce unsustainable consumption and bring about effect conservation of our shared natural resources. Central to effective action is the understanding and awareness of consumers about what is happening and what needs to be done to prevent extinctions and environmental crises."

This is a good start. Let's hope the project proves successful in reaching the Chinese consumer market. Cick here to read WildAid's announcement.

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