Sunday, October 12, 2008

TIME's "Living Wonders": marvels and mysteries of life on Earth

About a year ago, TIME magazine issued a terrific book on Global Warming in both soft and hard cover. It was both very thorough and readable - providing readers with the issues, causes and solutions surrounding one of the most critical issues facing mankind today.

To balance that somber subject, they have just released a new volume: Living Wonders, The marvels and mysteries of life on Earth.
Currently available in soft cover (I picked up a copy today at my local supermarket for $12.00) and soon to be available in hard cover at Amazon and perhaps other retail book outlets.

This publication is a delight to read, as it lectures or admonishes not, but instead simply presents many of the incredible forms and adaptions of life on Earth, above and below the waves - from whales to desert cactus, from eagles to bioluminescent deep sea fish, and much more. Pick up a copy for yourself or make it a gift to someone who may be inclined to view Nature with an indifferent eye.

You'll go "oooh" and "aaah."

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