Thursday, October 16, 2008

Microdocs: Learn coral ecology quick and easy

For those of you (or your friends) seeking a good overview of information on coral reefs, but are plagued with a busy schedule or a short attention span, visit This is a site put together under the direction of Dr. Steve Palumbi, Director of the Hopkins Marine Station at Stanford University in California.

The site contains a wide variety of short Flash videos - all very succinct and visually interesting. From the Bahamas to Palau, from the Turks to Micronesia, the videos discuss reef ecology, the intricate relationship between it inhabitants, what is impacting the reef, and solutions for future sustainability.

Remember, reef environments make up only 5% on the ocean's real estate but are home to 25% of all sealife. Even if you don't live in a tropical region, the health of our tropical reefs can have a direct impact on all of our lives. Microdocs - check it out.

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