Saturday, December 18, 2010

Island of the Great White Shark: a stocking stuffer with teeth

Okay, readers, here's my one crass holiday plug. Island of the Great White Shark is my documentary tribute to the great white sharks of Isla Guadalupe, Baja and the dedicated researchers and scientists who study these amazing animals.

Going on six years ago, I spent several seasons filming the white sharks that migrate to this prehistoric island about 150 miles of the coast of Baja, Mexico. Since then, the lead Mexican researcher featured in the film, Mauricio Hoyos, has gone from grad student to Ph.D. but still returns to the island each year to tag and track sharks.

With online sales in full swing this weekend, you can find the DVD of Island of the Great White Shark at Amazon also suggests other shark DVDs, like a Discovery Channel Shark Week collection and a well-seasoned classic like Blue Water White Death. That would give you quite a range of perspectives from sensationalistic to realistic, from fearsome to fascinating.

Check it out and may your holiday shopping be a pleasant and sane one.

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