Saturday, December 19, 2009

Island of the Great White Shark: sale priced today at

Today is known by retailers as "Black Saturday" for those who are cruising the web for last minute gift ideas, and I noticed that Amazon has priced Island of the Great White Shark at a reduced price. The U.S. east coast is getting hit with quite a winter storm and it's expected that many holiday shoppers will think twice about venturing out, so there should be plenty of online inducements.

I don't know how long Amazon will have the DVD on sale (it's their call to lower their price; they don't alert me), but if you're interested in a comprehensive, accurate, and educational look at the great white sharks of Isla Guadalupe, Baja, check it out.


M@ said...

Check out this article “ Gold Coast Seaway, One of the most dangerous places to surf in the world?” There are surfers on the gold coast that swim accross a area where there are monster sharks below.. there was also a story recently regarding a monster shark lurking the waters just north of this area. Crazy!!!

RTSea said...

There are several areas in the world where there are higher numbers of white sharks - from Australia to South Africa to California and elsewhere - and the reasons can be varied based on primary prey items (seals or tuna), temperature and other factors.

The press loves to pick up on such sightings and, because white sharks are one of the larger species, the term "monster" shark is often used simply to get your attention.

Adult white sharks can reach 16 to 18-feet in length, sometimes more, and that makes for a big fish in anyone's book. But monster? No, that's just hype.

But I will say that surfers can often put themselves at a slightly higher degree of risk than, say, a diver if they choose to surf in areas of known shark aggregations. However, the odds of being bitten are still very, very low.

We have to understand and appreciate our important sharks are as predators that insure a healthy marine ecosystem. The oceans can't live without them.