Monday, May 27, 2013

RTSea Blog returns

In December of 2012, as administrator and chief writer for this blog, I made the decision to place it in a somewhat state of dormancy as I needed to devote more time to other projects.  Hence, RTSea Archives was born.  After posting over 950 posts, articles, and observations over a 5-year period, I felt I had done enough and I found readership was shifting to other platforms or media channels (Facebook, Twitter, et al).

After receiving a number of requests, I have decided to bring the RTSea Blog back - perhaps not as fervently as it was before as researching information and writing posts is, for me, still very time-consuming, but I hope to contribute several posts a month.

Blogs can be effective when the content is relevant and well-thought out.  I'm not interested in invective-laced rants.  Opinions and positions are fine, but let's do it in an intelligent, constructive, and respectful manner. 

Since December, I have been involved in several projects, ranging from film proposals to writing to ecotourism - and these projects will still be my primary focus.  But I hope you will check in from time to time to see what I have been up to or what observations I might have regarding what I believe to be the most pressing issue for the continued survival of mankind as a species - the conservation and preservation of the oceans.                 

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