Thursday, August 4, 2011

Great Britain's Sea Jellies: non-divers get to see jellyfish in the wild

Spending as much time as I do talking about ocean environmental and conservation issues, it's easy to get wrapped up in all the challenges and problems and forget what stirred my interest in the first place: the beauty and the wonder.

So, no warnings or dire predictions today; just a fun video I found on BBC Nature News. In Great Britain, there are large kelp forests, similar to my local California waters - but a darn sight colder. And for those who don't dive, there's a great way to peer into this wet and wild world: boats designed with large windows well below the water line - a variation on the classic glass-bottom boat - giving passengers an expansive view of what is just offshore from their homeland.

In this video, various sea jellies, local to Britain's waters, are featured. From moon jellies to lion's mane jellies, it's a nice "oooh and aaah" moment.

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