Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Stefanie Brendl: shark conservation mover and shaker

Over the past couple of years I had the pleasure of getting to know Stefanie Brendl through a series of email conversations and then meeting up with her at last year's BLUE Ocean Film Festival and Conservation Summit in Monterey, CA.

Stefanie hails from Hawaii where she first came to my attention as the owner of Hawaiian Shark Encounters, one of Oahu's leading shark diving operations and a leader in shark conservation efforts in the state. Her shark conservation efforts progressively broadened as she formed the non-profit Shark Allies and worked more and more with the political decision makers responsible for shark fin prohibition legislation in Hawaii, Marianas Islands, Guam, and elsewhere. She currently works closely with WildAid in pushing for more and more shark conservation legislation throughout the Pacific Islands and the U.S. West Coast. She is definitely becoming one of the preeminent figures in productive shark conservation efforts.

The 7th Generation recently conducted a video interview with Stefanie. Take a peek at someone who is part of a small circle in the field of shark conservation who are helping to make a difference.

Guardians of the Ocean - Interview with Stefanie Brendl from Carsten Essig on Vimeo.

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