Thursday, September 16, 2010

BLUE on Tour: an ocean conservation film festival takes to the road to enlighten

The BLUE Ocean Film Festival and Conservation Summit, which took place last month in Monterey, California, was a resounding success. It brought together aquatic film industry types, respected ocean conservationists, and a fascinating and diverse slate of films about the ocean and many of the issues that threaten its survival. I was fortunate to attend and honored to have been asked to participate in it.

But it's not an event that pats itself on the back, rolls up the welcome mat, and looks forward to next year. When the dust has settled and all the attendees have gone home, the festival takes to the road with BLUE on Tour. Over a dozen venues on three continents, from academic institutions to public viewing facilities, have voiced their interest and are ready to present the traveling mini-festival. This form of educational outreach has always been a part of the non-profit BLUE Ocean Film Festival's mission and the festival's founders, Debbie and Charles Kinder, are dedicated to its realization. But it costs money and they have determined that it will take $20,000 to launch the BLUE on Tour for 2010.

To move things forward towards that goal, one of the festival sponsors, beBLUU filtered water bottles, has promised to donate three dollars of each sale to the festival through November 30th. But support from the public will also be needed if the festival is to reach its financial goal.

beBLUU has an interesting product - the next generation in portable water bottles. The beBLUU bottle is constructed of 100% recyclable, FDA-approved food and medical grade resin which contains none of the harmful chemicals that have been found in many of our plastic products. No BPA, DEHA, or DEHP. And the bottle includes a replaceable filter that cleans and purifies the water. So no matter the tap from whence it came, your water will be filtered clean, just like the pricey name brands we buy. And that can eliminate the single-use of thousands of plastic bottles - a major source of plastic pollution, right up there in importance with disposable plastic bags.

BLUE on Tour is a great way for people across the globe to see some of the very best in ocean wildlife and ocean conservation films. It can motivate people of all ages by using the power of the visual image to educate and enlighten. Let's hope the festival can reach the financial goals that will guarantee the start of the BLUE on Tour journey. beBLUU is lending a hand; you can too.

For information on the BLUE Ocean Film Festival & Conservation Summit, visit its website or contact Ashley Huffman at And to learn more about beBLUU filtered water bottles, click here.

Read the beBLUU press release about their commitment to the BLUE Ocean Film Festival & Conservation Summit.

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