Thursday, July 8, 2010

FishPhone: great iPhone app for making sound seafood choices

For all you iPhone users and ocean fanatics, there is a new app to add to your phone. The FishPhone app from Carl Safina's Blue Ocean Institute is a great extension to Blue Ocean's Guide to Ocean Friendly Seafood.

The app lists a wide variety of seafood items using the guide's informative labeling system that covers ratings in population health, wild vs. farmed health, and pollutant levels. The app then takes another step by listing, for appropriate choices, some healthy recipes and wine selections. Most of the recipes come from chef Barton Seaver, noted for his work with sustainable seafood.

So, it's not only an informative app to have when you go to a restaurant or supermarket but, with the recipes and wine selections, it also makes it more palatable (excuse the pun) for those who are perhaps unenlightened about the issue of sustainable seafood - no shaking of the finger, saying "No, no, no!" which could be a turn-off to those who may be the most in need to understand the importance of making responsible choices when it comes to seafood.

While there are some who choose not to eat seafood altogether (and that may certainly be the ultimate solution), a larger portion of the populace has a place in their diet for seafood. And so anything that can help people transition from irresponsible choices to better choices to ultimately contemplating what is right for the ocean environment as a whole should be considered a useful step in the right direction.

And the app is FREE!

Congratulations to Carl and his team at the Blue Ocean Institute for putting together a terrific educational tool.

Get the app at Apple's iTunes/App Store.
Learn more about the Blue Ocean Institute.
Download Blue Ocean's Guide to Ocean Friendly Seafood.

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