Thursday, January 8, 2009

Dr. discontinuing use of shark squalane

Back in August, I posted information about Dr. Susan Lark, an online entrepreneur engaged in selling moisturizers that contained shark squalane (see previous post). took the lead in putting pressure on Dr. Lark and her organization to opt for a substitute squalane derived from olives.

Here's some good news I received today from Elizabeth Griffin, Marine Wildlife Scientist at
"It's taken nearly a year of constant pressure, but we've finally convinced Dr. Susan Lark to sell cosmetic products containing squalene derived from olives rather than deep sea sharks. More than 15,000 of you contacted Lark, telling her it was unconscionable to sacrifice already at-risk shark populations for the sake of beauty.

First she claimed her product was okay because the sharks used were bycatch of the orange roughy fishery. When we pointed out the error in this logic, she then claimed the source was "sustainably fished" sharks from the Mediterranean. When it became clear that we weren't buying her excuses, or her beauty products, she finally agreed to change her product line. We are happy to report that the first new product is currently in development."

Kudos to Oceana for their dedication, to all those who sent email messages, and to the Dr. Susan Lark organization for finally seeing the light by placing species endangerment ahead of personal beauty.

One step at a time, folks. But we're moving forward.

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